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Test Retake NEXT FRIDAY FEB 26th

U substitution is very important. YOU MUST KNOW THIS!!!!!

In order for you to retake the test you must print out these notes Chapter 7 Notes

Then watch these videos

6.1 Antiderivatives & Slope Fields (21:52)

6.2 U-Substitution

Day 1: (Definite & Indefinite Integrals with Substitution) (22:08)

Day 2: (Algebraic Techniques of Integration) (12:03)

Day 3: (Integration & Trigonometric Functions) (22:25)

6.4 Exponential Growth & Decay (20:55)

The test will be next Friday Feb 26th. If you do not hand these in you can not take the test.

I know you can copy from your friend but that is not going to help you please do these yourself and try to learn U-Substitution.