Rec Letters

I am always honored to write you a recommendation letters but I get frustrated when I don't have what I need. Here is the process if you want me to write you a recommendation letter.

1.) Ask me in class. I will always say yes but I need you to ask me personally.

2.) I like brag sheets but I like to have them online. You can include your brag sheet as an attachment.
    After I say yes then send me an email to (not any other email) Please include:
  • Your name 
  • When we met and what classes I have taught you
  • The grade you have received in my class and your score on the AP tests
  • Any other important information you would like me to include in the letter. i.e. second language learner, first person in family to go to college, perfect score on the SAT...
  • Include anything you want me to put in there. You may want to write an example letter, that is ok. I wont use the letter word for word but it will let me know what you want in your letter
  • The DUE DATE. Give me the actual due date. Do not give me the date you want it done by. If I agree to write you letter and you do what I ask then I promise the letter will be done.
3.) Add me to whatever site you need the recommendation letter from i.e. Naviance, Calstateapply... Make sure you use my email

4.) This is you letter of recommendation, I take it very seriously.You should too. PLEASE GIVE ME EVERYTHING IN THE LIST ABOVE.

Please give me a couple weeks of warning before your letter is due. It is not the best planning to say you need a letter by tomorrow. I will still do it but...

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