We will not always allow retakes, but it is important that we learn all the material. It is hard to move on without knowing the previous chapter.

Since this is the first test we are going to allow retakes. Chapter 2 retake will be Friday September 30th in class. It is optional. If you choose not to take the test it will be a workday for the class.

If you choose to retake the Chap 2 test it will replace your current test grade.

If you received at least a C then you can retake the test without any work.

If you did not receive at least a C then in order to retake the test you must relearn chapter 2, so you will be required to:

1.) Print out these notes

2.) Watch these five videos and fill out your notes as you go along. http://www.chaoticgolf.com/tutorials_calc_ch2_aahs.html

3.) Turn the notes in to me completed on Friday Sept. 30th